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Post  Matt3310 on Sat Dec 29, 2012 11:35 am


When someone says something you don't agree with don't turn on them and attack them personally. Don't call people names. Don't resort to school yard bullying tactics. If you find yourself posting about some other poster and what they've done to offend you... that's the first sign that you are going offbase and attacking people personally.

3. Keep it clean. If you would be offended by your mother seeing what your posting, then dont post it.

As in trolling for a fight. This is easy to see, but harder to explain. Posting an opposite opinion, in a determined stubborn way simply to start a fight.

The Moderators here are volunteers that serve to make the site better by keeping things under control. It's a lousy thankless job. Many times they take abuse from those that they contact. They are not perfect but they are acting in the best interest of the website 100% of the time and they do not need to be second guessed by armchair mods that think they could do a better job.

If you have a question about a Mod action or another member that was banned, please do not start a thread questioning Mod actions or bannings as this thread / post will be removed. Instead, PM or Email the Mod directly.

If you violate our guidelines here you can get banned from the page. Sometimes without warning. There is no discussion about this. It is entirely up to the moderators and staff. If you receive an email with a warning about something you've done wrong here, be careful how you respond. If you reply with name calling and swearing you will automatically be banned. Do not ever post for public discussion on our websites the statements or actions of moderators conveyed to you via Private Message or Email. These communications are between you and the moderator and are not open for public discussion. To try to do so may also result in your banning from the site.

Enjoy your stay here, post long and come back often. Have fun.

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