Getting a Rat Terrier

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Getting a Rat Terrier Empty Getting a Rat Terrier

Post  MartyO4570 on Sat Feb 02, 2013 5:31 pm

I decided I am going to get a dog and it is going to be a Rattie. I finally found one that is 6 months old. Take a moment to look up some info on these dogs. They are one of the finest all around hunting dogs. My sister had a rat terrier when I was young and doing a lot of hunting. I took that dog out all the time, especially when there was snow on the ground. That dog would get under a brush pile and flush out all of the rabbits. I hope the one I am getting will be just as tenacious. Rattie's also make good upland bird dogs. Great for pheasant and quail.

I'm hoping to pick up the little fellow on Tuesday. He won't be ready for any hunting for a while, but it will give me time to let him smell dead rabbit and squirrels so he gets an idea about what he should be looking for.

Standard rat terriers only weigh about 20-25 pounds, but pound for pound, they are a powerful dog. Plus they are very loyal and make a good companion. (Plus they don't take up much space on the bed. LOL)

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